A Serendipitous Story: Meeting Mollie

Photo credit: Lori Greig / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Lori Greig / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Two years ago I was urged by my favorite mentor to start a blog and keep a creative place to chronicle my journalistic work.  It seemed an easy enough task at the time.  So, I picked a theme and created a listing of my published works for this portfolio/blog.  Sounds about right, right? Then came the next step…

Posting something new!?! How was I to do that, having just left my writing gig? I had no plans to be yet another blogger out in the universe wondering if I was really just talking to myself.  I mean, I can do that in my journal, right?

I was at a creative-loss since I had just left my position as an Arts & Culture writer in Denver, Colorado at 303 Magazine to relocate to the Chicago area for a really great career opportunity awaiting my husband.  I really had not written anything professionally in months now and to be honest, had very few contacts here in the Chicago area. My job searches and interviews were fruitless and I was worried how I would possibly keep an updated portfolio of work.  What could I possibly blog about? I liked and was comfortable writing feature stories in the magazine genre. So, where would that lead me? (To being an out of work blogger, right?)

Then came some clarity.  Call it my gut, meditation or spiritual guidance but, I was seriously guided into a story opportunity that I could do for 303 Magazine,

Photo credit: satosphere / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: satosphere / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

from here in the north Chicagoland area.  When I say guided, I mean literally finding myself on webpages without knowing how exactly I got there and then waking up to full-on plans and ideas of how to approach and pitch the idea to my former editor. The current of my life path and flow of my passions was leading and it seemed natural to just follow it.  It was all I had to go on, so why not, right?

Fast forward to getting the idea approved and the next thing I know, I’m scheduled to interview Mollie Morning Star, a Wisconsin based psychic-medium.  Her work is along the same lines as John Edward and Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium), to give you some reference…. I got to work on the story, researched and finally interviewed her. Then, she “read” me….. (You can’t see me, but this is where I make my “EEEEeeeep!!” face, which looks something along the lines of a constipated meets oddly and funnily’ nervous but excited at the same time, type expression.)

That reading however, was purposefully omitted from the story for 303′ after much consideration.  On a professional level, I feel like I owe some sort of explanation “why” since I’ve been asked repeatedly about the details of my personal reading, why it wasn’t included, or if another story would follow to tell about it…

I really wanted to give Mollie Morning Star the opportunity that I felt she deserved, in being viewed objectively and more informatively. As much as I felt it could potentially add some amazing credibility to her story, I also thought of all the naysayers out there and how much it could just be misconstrued to be “bias-hoopla” instead of just looking at her as the interesting person that I was trying to  give readers the opportunity to meet. I wanted people to get to know her more themselves and pursue her however they saw fit.  Whether it’s on her website, scheduling a session or even making it to one of her events, I wanted people to WANT to know more about her and decide for themselves…. I didn’t want my personal reading to end up hurting her story, by sounding too “pro-Mollie and pro-paranormal” for the average level-headed person out there.  I hope that I accomplished that for her and hope she understands that I had to stay loyal to my journalistic heart and give the story it’s proper due, without all my added “O-M-G’ing”. I didn’t want it to look like a paid advertisement. I wanted it instead, to stand alone as the compelling story it is, about a girl who became suddenly psychic and now communicates with the dead.

So, if you’d like to read that story about Mollie Morning Star, check it out in 303 Magazine  HERE. 

If you are hoping to hear about the reading, I am sorry to disappoint. Very few of my close friends and family have seen the footage or shared in chatting about the experience with me and I would really like to keep it my own to treasure.

For Mollie, I just have to say,

“Thank you! The information you gave me in that reading was amazing.  You could not have possibly known what I had literally just eaten before hopping on our video chat or my dear Papa’s sayings and mannerisms that came through with your amusement… What you gave me that day, was assurance and encouragement of the things I already knew in my heart.  Your reading however, brought my loved ones into full-view and colorfully back in my life for a moment in a way that I can’t bring through just myself in prayer or quiet reflection.  I received a certainty that my loved ones don’t miss a thing of what’s going on here with me, even though they’re gone physically.  I don’t have to guess or hope that they are watching, sharing in my experiences or approving.  I got the confirmed answer that they absolutely are, with every tidbit and detail that you added to the information you were pulling with this beautiful gift of yours… I am so thankful.”

You know what else I realized?  Leaving out my personal experience from the article wasn’t about not wanting to deal with the negativity or conflict that can arise from opposing viewpoints.  On a personal level, I know there will be naysayers as well as believers and I know that someone will always call this line of work a “fraud”. (There’s always a few rotten apples in the bunch to taint the view of this type of work.) I’m ok with that.  It’s the yin and the yang, right?  The thing is, I know what I experienced and am at peace with it.  No one can ever take the gift that it was, away from me.

P.S. Good luck to you Mollie, I think you are one awesome lady with an extraordinary gift to offer the world.

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